Interactive effects of drought severity and herbivory on tea (Camellia sinensis) volatile and non-volatile metabolites.

Poster presentation. Plants often experience multiple sources of stress simultaneously, yet little is known about interactive effects of multiple stressors on plant metabolic responses. Plants are well known to respond to both drought and insect …

Can pests rescue tea quality from climate change?

Insect attack is usually considered bad for tea yield and quality. However, it is well known that plants produce many secondary metabolites in response to insect attack. Many of these secondary metabolites are important for tea quality, and some …

Combined Effects of Drought and Herbivory on Tea Metabolism

Climate Effects on Bug-Bitten Tea

Eastern Beauty wulong tea is only produced from tea leaves damaged by leafhoppers. The induced volatiles produced by damaged tea plants gives the finished tea a unique flavor. How will leafhopper damage change in a warming climate, and how will that impact tea quality?

Can Insect Damage Improve Tea Quality In a Changing Climate?

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