Climate Effects on Bug-Bitten Tea

Eastern Beauty wulong tea is only produced from tea leaves damaged by leafhoppers. The induced volatiles produced by damaged tea plants gives the finished tea a unique flavor. How will leafhopper damage change in a warming climate, and how will that impact tea quality?

Drought and plant response to herbivory

When plants experience mild or severe drought, how does that change their metabolic response to damage by insect herbivores?

A novel, high-throughput method for sampling volatiles in the field

Can Insect Damage Improve Tea Quality In a Changing Climate?

Elevated CO2 and plant response to herbivory

How will elevated CO2 affect plant responses to insect herbivory? How will this interaction impact the quality of tea?

A New Method For Sampling Plant Volatiles in the Field

Field-Sampling Plant Volatiles

Finding a high-throughput way to collect plant volatiles in the field.